Free Horse Gambling Tips Sheet

Countless free horse gambling tips are overwhelming websites, pamphlets, booklets and so-called experts’ books on the horse gambling industry. It should be noted that these are merely tips, freely given advice that should also be freely accepted or rejected by those who read it. Seasoned players know when they see a good tip. New players should learn to differentiate between a good tip and the bad ones, and that they should never make any tip (no matter who the source is) become the Bible-truth of all horse races.

Here are a few general tips that would hopefully increase your handicapping skills.

Place your money where everyone’s heart is the favorite runner in any race usually becomes the favored contender for a reason. The favorite has the best odds among all other runners, and it is also the one that has the most money wagered upon. Statistics show that 33% of the time, the favorite wins the races on the nose.”

Research before placing bets. Look for the daily racing form and the handicapper’s selections. Talk to people. A new player can benefit a lot from the observations and advice of a more seasoned bettor. Although there may be some whisperings of possible longshot wins with large pay-offs, the advice that you might acquire still remains to be seen. They are nothing more than non-concrete strategies” that may cost you a very concrete amount of money. Be discerning. Be prudent. Be on the lookout for possible shams.

If you can, you should check the horse racing program for a list of trainers and jockey standings. This racing program should include the number of wins a runner has as of the last race. The rule of thumb is that the highest ranked riders generally ride the best horses, and the best trainers usually have the highest win percentage. If you take that into account, you as the player may also increase your win-frequency.

Researching also involves learning all about the horses. Don’t bet on a horse simply because you like its name or color. One thing you must learn is that how experienced the horse is. It is not unusual to find that some horses do not go on their winning streaks until several races later. For graded stakes races, you may not want to place a thick bankroll on any horse that has never run the course before.

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Free Horse Gambling Strategies Sheet

A betting strategy or betting system is a calculated approach to gambling – horse gambling in this case, which is intended to counter or upset the partiality that inherently favors the house or bookmakers in any sports betting event. Any successful strategy increases the players’ odds of winning in order to produce long term profits. These days, horse racing systems are based on financial systems such as hedging or placing wagers on multiple outcomes in a single race; or arbitrage betting wherein the player lays a running horse a low price and backs it at a high price with a different bookie. The latter is more popularly known as Dutching or Dutch betting. Exotic bets have their own winning strategies.

However, it should be taken into consideration that the denotation for the word strategy” means a plan or method or stratagems or series of maneuvers for obtaining a specific goal or result. It does not translate to a fool-proof, 100%, error-free winning move for those huge pay-offs or that elusive jackpot.

There are many websites and booklets available everywhere offering horse gambling strategies, but applying them to a players’ ticket is a matter of choice. It should be noted that seasoned players usually come up with their own winning strategies. For new players, perhaps the best horse strategy would be the ones freely given. Spending money on these so-called winning strategies is a waste of effort, money and time.

Here are a few strategies your might want to try, but remember these are merely suggestions and can afford you no winning guarantee:

For Exactas: play your 1,2,3 with 1,2,3,4 at $2 each with a possible turnover of $18. The basic rule here is that the odds of all 4 horses must total 14 or more to make it profitable. For the more adventurous player, you may try to key in #4 with a longshot or a horse with considerable odds mounted against him.

For Trifectas: play 1,2 with 1,2 with 1,2,3,4 or 1,2 with 1,2,3 with 1,2,3,4. Wheeling combinations depends primarily on how much you are willing to stake for each ticket.

For Pick-3s: Try one of these two methods. The first one is just to play the top 3 in each 3 races for a cost of $54. The second method involves picking a value horse plus a backup runner in one leg. Your tickets may look like thus:
Ticket One: 1,2,3 with 1 with 1,2,3,4 for a total value of $24.
Ticket Two: 1,2 with 1, with 1,2 for a total value of $8.
Ticket Three: 1,2,3 with 2. with 1,2 for a total value of $12.

Supposing that your value horse is #1, and it wins the race, then you have a chance of cashing in 2 winning tickets. This second method is also cheaper than the first and has a higher probability of hitting Pick-3 twice.

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Find A Wise Investment In The Horse Racing System

As a business-minded person, you’re probably always looking for potential enterprises to invest your money in. Food, real estate, entertainment, fashion you name it, you’ve probably tried your hand on it.

A Cut Above the Rest

Because you’re a businessman, however, you’re probably looking for something new, something uncommon, something that’s a cut above the rest. After all, too many people investing in one endeavor will only make it redundant.

Indeed, there are many untapped resources out there, one of them being the gaming industry. This industry is also one of the most potentially profitable ones, particularly the horse racing system.

More Than Just Playing Games

Today you will find that people are more lenient and more accepting about gambling, or gaming the more politically correct term nowadays.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind about gaming is casinos. Though the profit potential of casinos is practically infinite, it is often run by governments and large corporations, and maybe just well out of your league.

Gaming, however, isn’t limited there. Outside casinos, gaming flourishes in popular pastimes, such as dog racing, poker rooms, sports, and, of course, the ever popular horse racing. A horse racing system is a very good business opportunity one that requires a reasonable capital, a little bit of know-how, and a very good sense of fun.

What Floats Your Boat

A business founded in horse racing systems can be done in different ways. Depending on what floats your boat, you can invest in the horse racing system that’s right for you.

A race track often has its own already established horse racing system. Many of these race tracks, however, are always looking for more investors to expand and improve the horse racing system. Profits are almost always earned real-time. These tracks already have the state-of-the-art equipment needed to supplement the races and provide the bettors with the odds, probabilities, and accuracy they need, so it’s just a matter of you riding on to this horse racing system.

Another way to run a highly efficient horse racing system is online. This gives you a bigger and ultimately wider scope of bettors. In this day and age when almost everyone latches on to computers and the Internet, bettors don’t need to physically be on the track to bet on races because they can already do so online. You simply have to provide the horse racing system that allows them to do so. Moreover, you will not be limited to just one or two local race tracks. With an online horse racing system, you can work in tandem with as many race tracks all over the world as your system can allow; therefore, your profits come from multiple sources.

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